Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Ports and national waterways

Ports, Shipyards and national waterways

    • Editor's comment [July14'05]: Brahmani River crosses the South Eastern railway line at Jenapur which is 8 kms from Jakhapura where branchline goes to Daitari and on to Bansapani. Jajpur Keonjar Rd is another 7 kms away where one of the National highway [Panikoli-Keonjhar segment of 215] passes and 15 km upstream of Jenapur NH 200 [Chandikhol-Sukinda segment of 200] passes. The state government should connect NH 200 to Jenapur to NH 215, and plan to make Jenapur a major transporation hub, as it will be a unique location. Talcher is another possibility for a transportation hub. At Talcher the rail line, the waterway and NH 42 cross. While Talcher can be a transportation hub, Jenapur could be both a transportation hub as well as a tourism hub where cruis eships can stop.
  • Waterways links: [Indian waterways authority of India]; [Important inland waterways in India:map]; [National waterway1:map]; [National waterway2:map]; [National waterway3:map]
  • Riverlinking: [CM's order]

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